IeDEA Data Exchange Standard
This site provides an auto-generated, web-browsable version of the IeDEA Data Exchange Standard (IeDEA DES), a common data model for sharing observational HIV data developed by the International epidemiology Databases to Evaluate AIDS (IeDEA). More information on the data model is available on our GitHub page.
IeDEA DES Quick Reference Diagram ( Download PDF, last updated 2017-05-15) IeDEA Multiregional Data Transfer Protocol (Word Document) ( Download, last updated 2017-02-17)
Data Tables

tblARTAntiretroviral medication
tblART_MUMAntiretroviral Medication of mother in cases where mother is not enrolled in cohort
tblBASBasic information
tblCANCDiagnosis of cancer
tblCENTERSite-specific information
tblDELIVERY_CHILDDelivery information related to child
tblDELIVERY_MUMDelivery information related to mother
tblDISCDC-C and WHO stage diseases
tblLABLaboratory values - general
tblLAB_BPLaboratory values - blood pressure
tblLAB_CD4Laboratory values - CD4+ cell count tests
tblLAB_RESResistance testing
tblLAB_RES_LVL_3Resistance test result
tblLAB_RNALaboratory values - viral assay (HIV)
tblLAB_VIROLaboratory values viro/serology
tblLTFUDeath and dropout
tblMEDOther medications
tblNEWBORNNewborn information
tblNEWBORN_ABNORMNewborn abnormalities
tblOVERLAPCross-cohort identification
tblPREG_OUTPregnancy outcome
tblPROGRAMLinkage of sites to care programs
tblVISVisit-related information